Psychological Evaluation Is Required For A Bariatric Surgery Essay

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There are two mean reasons that a psychological evaluation is required for a bariatric surgery:

1) It is a requirement put in place by most insurance carrier 's to identify any underlining eating disorders or anything that will hinder the success of the outcome of the surgery.The evaluations are not to eliminate patient 's, but rather to make certain that the patient is in stable mental health and to understand the impact that the surgery will have in their lives.

2) To assure the success of the surgery for the patient. If during the evaluation the patient is found to have eating disorders, they can be addressed before the surgery and education can begin to teach them proper eating habits. This type of surgery is a life altering surgery. There are many things that will change and the physicians and all personnel want to insure that the patient understands the impact of the surgery how it pertains to the patient 's life.

I had a gastric bypass 3 years ago. I was 310 lbs., 5 '7, with a BMI of 42. I had 4 heart attacks at the age of 36 years old, high blood pressure, Type 1 diabetes, and had shattered my spine requiring a spinal surgery.

At 3 years later , I am no longer diabetic, my heart has healed and shows little signs of damage due to the heart attacks, and the weight of my spine has made life easier. To date I have lost a total of 160 lbs. Before I had my surgery, I researched all the different types and which was better for the long run, as well as which one kept…

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