Psychological Causes Of Abortion

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Ornella Nzau
Professor Latoya Watkins


Throughout the world, the number of abortion has highly increased. Abortion is defined as the termination of a is the killing or the removal of an unborn baby. Abortion is legal in the United States where as some of the states do not encourage and permit it. Although the U.S Supreme Court has stated abortion to be a fundamental right guaranteed by the U.S constitution, abortion is consider unsafe. More than 50 percent of all induced abortion worldwide is unsafe. (Arambepola Rajapaksa, atlygalle moonasimghe 2016) in developing country, unsafe abortion is the leading cause of maternal deaths and about 47,00 women die of complications each year. Abortion should be illegal because it is the killing of an unborn baby and the killing of a human being is a crime. Life begins at a time after conception, and it may cause future health problem to the mother and maternal death. There is an exception to the criminalization of abortion for women who encounter intense health problems or fetal abnormality. Abortion is also known as the cause of psychological impairment. This advertisement shows a young woman ready to
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Depression and anxiety are two examples of psychological impairments. There are women that become depressed after losing their child. It may happen when abortion was done because of some severe health problem in which they had no control over. They may feel depressed especially, if the baby was their first born. In this case, women with involuntary abortion will continuously stress and feel depressed. In the other hand, women with voluntary abortion also have high anxiety and depression, they are likely to commit suicide. In this type of issue, the biology of the mother is going to be affected when it comes to the following pregnancies. Voluntary and involuntary cause depression and anxiety to the

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