Essay on Psychological Approaches Of Social Care Practice

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Within this assignment I will explain the different psychological approaches which influence the behaviour of humans. This is used as treatments within social care practices. However, the psychological problems are both distressing and disruptive for the individual sufferer. So, there is an immediate need to alleviate forms of therapy and/or treatment. Different theorists and therapists work alongside each other to treat psychological problems. Professionals may choose from the theories to help their service user. This would depend on the nature of the service user concerns, the training and experience of the professional and how comfortable the professional felt with using the particular model. When evaluating the approach, the strengths and weaknesses need to be considered as well as the impact it would have on the service user within the social care practice.
Two Different Psychological Approaches to Social Care Practice:
There are different settings within the social care which understand the different perspectives which allow professionals to prevent deterioration of service users. The settings include:
• Residential settings
• Day care facilities
• Drop-in centres
• The individuals own home
Starting with the humanistic approach which developed the therapy which recognises individual needs which is highly demanding with caring for other people in social care settings. This is achieved by using the person centred approach through empathy; understanding the clients and…

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