Psy Adolescences Through The Eyes Of Little Miss Sunshine Essay examples

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Madeline Barbier
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PSY 340- Adolescences Adolescences Through the Eyes of Little Miss Sunshine In the years of adolescences, adolescents often times are experiencing a crisis of identity. They are trying to understand what roles they fall into and a lot of times their families and their self-esteem influences this “self-understanding”. In Little Miss Sunshine, many key concepts to adolescence are seen in the 7-year old character, Olive Hoover. She is going through the fifth developmental stage Identity versus Identity Confusion; she is struggling with her self-understanding as she is going through role experimentation which is influenced heavily by her family and her level of self-esteem. In Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory, the fifth developmental stage is identity vs identity confusion. This stage is characterized by adolescents “deciding who they are, what they are about, and where they are going with their life” (Santrock 143). During this period they often go through role experimentation. Adolescents are faced with a tremendous amount of choices during “psychosocial moratorium”, the gap between adolescents and adulthood. In this role experimentation, they tryout many different roles trying to figure out which one suits them best. In Little Miss Sunshine, Olive Hoover is going through this fifth developmental stage and is practicing role experimentation. She wants to be a beauty queen, which is something that is new to her. The whole movie is based on the…

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