Psy 220 - Changing Perspective Paper

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An older man sits on the side of the highway holding a sign that says “hungry please help.” A man sitting a few cars ahead of you in a white BMW throws a can of soda at the old man and yells “get a job!” Another car cautiously gives the man some change, and the old man replies by saying “God Bless You!” As I pull forward I tell the man to meet me at the gas station just across the road and I will buy him some dinner. He is extremely grateful and slowly makes his way across the road. We both go in the service center and I allow him to get what he needs. We both pick several items and then I pay for them at the counter. The older man thanked me a thousand times and made his way to front door to sit just outside and enjoy his …show more content…
Here are three examples of how the view of a homeless man asking for food can be viewed so differently.
I asked several family and friends if they would have done the same that I did with Jerry that day at the service station. My sister stated she would have been more like the woman by giving Jerry her change. She stated she is always very nervous of homeless people because you never know what they may do to get money from a woman that is alone in her car. My sister Jennifer also stated that you hear so much on the news about a woman getting mugged and rapped because she was trying to be generous to a stranger. She stated religiously she wants to help the old man but too scared by horror stories to do so in a more and open way. When asked how my sister would react to the old man after I told her his life story, she stated she would have done the same as me and possible offered a shower and fresh clothes as well. She stated his story opened her eyes to how people can be judged without their full story.
My brother Max stated he would have been like the guy in the BMW, he stated most of the “homeless” people you see make tons of money every day just by pretending they are hungry. He stated they will also just go out with the money he worked hard for and buy beer and drugs instead of food. He stated he supports the people who live on welfare and that is all he will

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