Providing A Quality Education For The Public School System Essay

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There are various specialized language programs within the public school system to address the needs of the English Language Learner (ELL). ?The public school systems encounter increasing demands to produce a workforce with high levels of literacy while confronting a growing number of immigrant families; these families speak languages other than English (LOTE) ?and sometimes have limited educational opportunities. ?Providing a quality education for the non-native English speaker is critical as the population continues to rise (Texas dual language program cost analysis: A report developed for the Texas Education Agency and The Texas Senate Education Committee, 2005). ?Funding ELL education varies among states; some elect to fund ELL services in different ways and at varying levels, including block grants, additional per-pupil dollars, weighted formulas, or unit or general ?lump sums? (Horsford, Mokhtar & Sampson 2013). ?Funding for this student population then becomes a question of equity in developing, and maintaining, ?a program that provides diverse opportunities for biliterate students.
In Texas school districts, multiple approaches are taken to serve ELL students, including Bilingual Education (BE) for the primary grade levels, using native language instruction and English as a Second Language (ESL) for the secondary grade levels, focusing on content instruction in English (Garcia & Morgan, 1997; Davis, 2014). Texas districts also offer multiple versions of…

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