Protest Poetry : A Form Of Protest Essay

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Protest Poetry
By Arkia Toufan
Protest Poetry Definition:
 Protest Poetry is a form of protest but in poem form. This means that the poet will talk/protest about many different topics that have been on the mind or in their society (problem). This could be on many different ideas, e.g. race, gender, equality, etc…
The Harlem Renaissance Background:
 The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that has been said to have started around 1918 and finished in the 1930s. It was greatly influenced by the civil war in which the Confederates (Southern States who had black slavery) fought against the Unions (the Northern States). The Union fought to emancipate the black Negro slaves. The Confederates fought to protect the southern society in which slavery was a large part of. After the civil war ended (1861 – 1895) the now free black slaves migrated up to the Northern states. This was called the Great Migration. The first Great Migration happened between 1910 and the 1930s. During this time approximately 1.6 million black (now freed) people moved from the mostly rural areas of the south to the more industrialised cities of the Northern states. This was due to their ability to get better economic and financial standards up in the north as there was more machinery and there was much more urbanised society which overall lead to them getting better jobs and a better standard of living. This lead a lot of the Negro society moving to Harlem as it was a much sought out destination from people all…

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