Protein Structure Of Protein And Vaccine Design Essay

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Abstract : Proteins are vital components of all living cells and play a critical role in almost all biological processes. Protein structure identification is a significant challenging problem in computational biology. The Protein 's three-dimensional molecular structure (i.e., tertiary structure) reflects its proper function. Therefore, the identification of protein structure is a significant step towards understanding the protein 's function which is an important task to treat diseases, synthesize new drugs, and vaccine design; since some diseases are shown to result from malfunctioning of proteins.
In this paper, we propose a new technique that is called Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction using Genetic Algorithm (PTSPGA) to predict the structure proteins based on their sequence. We developed a simple Elitist-based genetic algorithm for predicting the protein’s tertiary structure based on Ab-Initio Empirical Conformational Energy Program for Peptides (ECEPP/3) Force Field Model. The proposed GA applied to find the lowest free energy conformation of the protein 's sequence. The experimental results indicate that the PTSPGA is reliable and very accurate. and it is a promising new technique that can help researchers for predicting the protein tertiary structure and can be used in the intelligent design of new vaccines.
Keywords - Ab-initio Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction, ECEPP Force Field, Energy Function, Genetic Algorithm, Protein Folding, PTSPGA, Vaccine…

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