Pros And Disadvantages Of A Cesarean Birth

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On Monday November 16, I received the opportunity to sit down in a Cesarean Birthing Class at the Ester Grossmen Women Center lead by Nirvanni Chatoori, MSN, RNC-MNN at 6pm. A Cesarean Birth is when a baby is delivered through an incision on the mother’s abdomen and of her uterus. This method can be done for mothers with multiple pregnancies, failure of labor to progress, placenta problems, macrosomia, breech presentation maternal infections/ medical conditions. The evening started off with identifying what fetus and mother are qualified for a cesarean section and the advantages and disadvantages that may occur with this procedure. Such as a full-term (39-40 weeks) would have to be the time period of the brain and lungs are fully developed. Fetus begins to produce a brown fat that would aid in regulating body temperature. Any fetus under the gestational age of 37 weeks are automatically sent to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. Removing a …show more content…
Such as an amniocentesis, which is done to analyze the lung maturity of the infant. Once that is determined the proper measures are taken to either assist the fetus development of surfactant with a steroid or too prolong the procedure date for the sake of the fetus. Typically a scheduled Cesarean is done after 39 weeks. The speaker then proceeded to explain how the day of delivery would go. From the night before and being NPO and bringing the right supplies, clothing and toiletries that may be needed for the stay; To what to expect during the procedure with medications, and how it would take between 5 to10 minutes for the baby to be born and about 45 to 60 minutes for the incision to be repaired (all of which the mother is allowed to hold the baby after birth and the father can either stay with the mother or go with the baby to the nursery. After the surgical room to the recovery room for post

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