The Business Of Being Born Analysis

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The documentary “The Business of Being Born” is an eye-opening film in which home births and midwifery are compared to the aspects of having a hospital birth. Not only does the film focus on these very important pieces to the overall birthing experience, it also portrays similarities and differences between giving birth in America in relation to countries worldwide. With that being said, if one is unfamiliar with any type of birthing experience, one may feel this film is strictly biased towards home birth as the overall message of the movie depicts that for most low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancies, a midwife and home birth is the safest and most cost effective way to have a baby. In terms of comparing obstetric care in the United States to countries worldwide, it very clear that changes can be made. Obstetric care in this country is far from perfect no matter how one looks at it. For a developed country, the film stated that America was the second largest nation for maternal and infant deaths in relation to countries across the globe. To be specific these included places like England, Norway, and Sweden. The reason for this is the blind trust Americans have in modern technology alongside the cultural distaste placed behind …show more content…
For starters, the United States does not have a universal health care system. Prenatal care is sometimes inadequate based upon poverty status and overall location of the mother during pregnancy. On top of it all, America is a very diverse country. In some instances, we are more diverse than countries like Norway and Sweden. Therefore, while unnecessary interventions are happening in American hospitals everyday due to modern medicine and technology, there are other aspects of maternal and child care that can be contributing to such high mortality rates for this group of

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