Pros And Consequences Of Globalization

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1. Do you think globalization and MNE activity are creating problems for the world? What kinds of problems can you identify? What are the unintended consequences of international business?

We cannot deny the benefits that globalization and MNEs bring, but we also cannot ignore its unintended consequence.
Firstly, according to the reality, somehow we can say that globalization seem to ignore human rights and basic labor standard. Many MNEs nowadays, they are using low-wage policy, exploiting workers around the world with poor working-condition. In addition, because of the attraction of low-wage labor from new economy might lead to job losses in many developed countries.
Secondly, We have to mention about the effect of globalization of the
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Moreover, the gap between the rich and the poor will become more and more disparate. The infant economy will be dominated by mature country and big NMEs as well.
Last but not least, Globalization will create bad effect on the on the cultural diversity, as the wave of new technology, style, influence from many mature economy, especially the America and Western countries. People start to wear the same clothes, listen to the same track, eat the same kind of food. Many countries are losing their own culture. The world becomes as one, as the result, technology, information,.. has the prompt speed in spreading those things, and they might be including the bad effects like crisis, that would be example for risk.

2. Summarize the arguments in favor of globalization made by the business executive. What is the role of technology in supporting company performance in a globalizing business
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The world will become as one and better place. First he mention many chances and also advantages for the corporation while going global, more profit, bigger market – new demand from other countries, cost reducing – better value chain. On the other hand, because of the increasing in profit, so that the company can pay higher salary to the employee, create more jobs in overall, distribute more taxes for the government. From the business executive’s point of view, globalization will surely enhance local living standard of the world in overall.
It is true to say that under globalization, firm will have to meet competitive environment which for some company, it is hard for them to survive, but like what we always know: “competing makes developing” so they have to try their best to come up with the right decision on their products and service to satisfy the customers which is a really good point of being global for the whole economy.
The point is that the world will become a solid as one, he believe that all the countries will together solve many general issues like AIDS, CRISIS,..
About the effect of globalization on the environment, in long run, right when the living condition is improving the more and more awareness and caring about the environment will increase and we can claim this is the general issue that the whole world should solve together and become global is the

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