Preventing Child Abuse Essay

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No child should be afraid for their lives nor should they have to go through their parents putting them in danger. Child abuse has been an issue throughout many homes over the last few decades. Child abuse comes in different forms; it can be physical and verbal. Parents and guardians do not realize the thin line between disciplining their child and abusing their child. To draw the line between the two, the guidelines of verbal and physical abuse should be made known. While people have tried to help the victims of child abuse, they find that it is not easy helping the children who are victims of abuse. Many children are not only afraid to tell someone that they are being harmed but also confused to “tell on” the only person who raised them. Therefore, preventing child abuse has been a hard task. Because child abuse is such a secretive and sensitive subject to touch, it continues …show more content…
Death is a serious effect that child ahuse can lead to. Children are more physically vunerable to injuries than adults or teenagers are because they are in their developing stage (“Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect”). Many perpetrators do not know their limit in abusing children. Jonathan Shorman sadly disgusted four year old Mekhi Patrick Dean Boone who died from child abuse. Shorman stated that a social worker noted that the little boy was brain dead. Also Shorman stated that the little boy their was not even a two in part of his body that was not bruised. Because of child abuse, children have had their life shortened with violence and pain being their last memory. Deaths has occured in the past because of parents who simply tried to “discipline” their children beat their children to death. Some of the physical effects of abuse is bruises, sprains, and burns. In many cases, children who are abused even have poor hygiene which visually shows the neglect of the parents (“Effects of Child Abuse and

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