Psychological Effects Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is the physical or psychological maltreatment or even sexual molestation of a child. Child abuse and neglect is significant and well established as a major societal unsettling problem with remarkable repercussions for the affected children, their families, and society at large. There are different factors that will affect how the authorities are going to proceed in case of alleged child abuse, for the legal and social services will determine the eligibility. I believe this is a heartfelt topic because children come with so much innocence that society needs and the abuse children may experience will jade their vision and dreams on life, which overall could have a negative impact by creating more disruption to their psyche and, furthermore, …show more content…
Kristen W. Springer says in her report “Long-Term Physical and Mental Health Consequences of Childhood Physical Abuse: Results from a Large Population-Based Sample of Men and Women”, expresses that how due to the abuse that the children experience they suffer several health illness that are specific diagnoses for the physical symptoms (Springer). The writer Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic, wrote in his article that the percentage of physical abuse is 18 percent, 9 percent is sexual abuse and 8.5 percent is psychological abuse (Friedersdorf). Rebecca A. Clay, expresses how different psychologists like Egeland, talk about a program teaching different measures of correction to help parents discipline their children without it actually being considered abuse, because these parents had been psychologically abused as children. Professor Elizabeth Bartholet indicates in her research “Nobody’s Children: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative”, that children who had been neglected show permanent emotional harm and psychological deficits. Lauren R. Shapiro and Marie-Helen Maras show in their book “Multidisciplinary Investigation of Child Maltreatment”, how the results of psychological abuse where the abuser makes the child feel valueless, could be bigger than other types of child abuse. (Pag. 155). Lyness in her article “Child Abuse” talks about how “emotional and psychological abuse is a pattern of behavior that has negative effects on a child 's emotional development and sense of self-worth”

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