Thesis Statements Regarding Marriage

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Statements Regarding Marriage
We have a lot of unique people in our country and that’s what makes our country an interesting place to live in. Since we are a unique country we have a lot of citizens with different opinions and views about society and our government. One thing that has been lately discussed by our citizens is gay marriage. It is questioned whether gay marriage should be legal or illegal in the United States. Before, this summer same sex marriage was illegal in thirteen states and legal in 37 states in the United States. As of June 26, 2015 same sex marriage has been ruled as legal in all fifty states in the United States by the US constitution. That decision, has made a big impact on many people’s lives, it has impacted many
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283). Marriage could be between people of the same gender, you don’t have to be heterosexual to get married. It can be a relationship between any two individual’s, however there are pro and cons of same sex gender as well as there are pro and cons for heterosexual couples, and they shouldn’t be judged based on their gender. However, some people say married people are supposed to expand the generation by producing children. In that case however, same sex couples can’t produce children, but it’s not necessary to produce children they don’t have to produce children. Marriage is also an honor and everyone deserves to have the same honor and everyone deserves it regardless of their …show more content…
(Bennett, 2011, p. 288). As that being said a marriage between a male and female has many benefits that a marriage between same sex couples doesn’t have. Bennett also mentions that same sex marriage would change the definition of marriage. Marriage between a male and female benefits to increasing the family generation, it allows them to have children and that was a really important aspect of marriage ever since the tradition of marriage started. Many couples that got married, were responsible to produce children for their parents and their family. That is one benefit that same sex couples will not be benefitted they cannot produce children human nature doesn’t allow them to do so. Marriage is well honorable and respected for its definition and its value individuals and our society has which is well supported by

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