Pros And Cons Of Romanticism

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Romanticism happened in 18th and 19th century. It is refer to the writing style not romance, it express a hot pursue for the ideas world and to known the reality. It always uses passion and bold and unrestrained feelings to create romanticism. It is a literature form. Romanticism originated from Germany, but the highest achievements are in England and France. The romanticism spirit has a long history, but actually is happened during the revolution of French and European democratic movements, national liberation movement. It’s developed in lots of areas, which are arts and music, literature Etc. "Liberty, equality, fraternity" are romanticism mainly idea, this is emphasis for get the freedom, it’s yearn for it. It’s forever yearning for beauty …show more content…
Romanticism is the symbol of feudalism; it is started in French Revolution. It reflects the people ideas for personality liberation and The European social class discontent about the French revolution. “Heine says romanticism is the passionflower sprung from the blood of Christ, a re-awakening of the poetry of the sleepwalking middle Ages”. England poem led the English literature reach it’s peak, During that period, these author dissatisfied to the reality, they want to solve the social problems. There are two areas, which is Positive romanticism and negative romanticism, because someone has different viewpoint about it during that period, these people set up different genres for romanticism. Positive romanticism of author is brave to face reality, Criticize the darkness of society. The negative romanticism of author is totally different, they don’t want to face the social problem and always is negative attitude, and also theirs works always reflect the attitude is negative. Actually there is some works of romanticism has a negative attitude For example the Ode to the West Wind written …show more content…
Romanticism is almost perfect. It always brings the feeling of luxury to people. “Style, is so often identified with art, partly because of the success of Stylism, is in face a universal quality of human behavior (Morse30)”. Because romanticism wants to get rid of prim and simple, romanticism paid attention to colors and emotion. Romanticism actually is start from collecting folk stories, these author want to come back to middle ages, because it does not have many rules and have rich imagination and freedom of expression in it. Especially in German and England. Romanticism greatest achievement is poetry in literature. They see the forces of nature as spiritual symbol and express they are hate the capitalism. And it describes natural scenery, praising nature. “Among the aspects of the Romantic Movement in England may be listed: sensibility; primitivism; love of nature”. Romanticism loves to describe the middle ages and the history of the past. the typically writer has Hugo,Dumas and Scott,These writers works material almost come from the history, but these writers express point is not reflects the reality of history, it is to express themselves imagination. The writing skill of Romanticism literature. Romanticism greatest achievement is poetry and Verse novels are catches the attention, Verse novels expand the range of poem to reflect the society. It based on the reality and uses Gorgeous language and Exaggeration and imagine for pursue of strong

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