Sweden Prostitution Traditions

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Introduction The customs, laws and views of prostitution change drastically all across the world. In many places prostitution is illegal and prostitutes are considered to be criminals. In others prostitution is legal and is a functioning part of the economy, in these places being a prostitute can be respected. However although we live in times where we are more welcoming towards risque things prostitution is still seen largely as a problem. The main goal is to remove prostitution from society. Sweden has tried to accomplish this with their prostitution policiy, passed in 1999. This policy flips the traditions of prostitution laws. In spite of that the legislation overlooks things as well. Overall the bill has many positive and negative effects …show more content…
Originally, when the policy was passed, nothing much happened. There were no immediate changes to prostitution culture in Sweden, and very few arrest were made. This gave a chance for all the people who had started out opposing the legislation to voice their opinion. However it was found that this problem was not to due with the law itself, but the fact that the police were not doing a very good job enforcing it. After properly explaining and training all members of law enforcement the enforcers finally began to see that the prostitutes were to be regarded as victims that needed to be helped, and the clients were to be regarded as criminals that needed to be punished. It was then that Sweden finally began to see results that they were hoping for. Sweden 's law enforcement has found that the prostitution legislation benefits them in dealing with all sex crimes, particularly in enabling them to virtually wipe out the organized crime element that plagues other countries where prostitution has been legalized or regulated. In our present times with the country almost all supporting the bill, only around 20% of the population oppose or remain neutral on the issue according to opinion polls, Sweden can serve as an example to now have other cultures and places try the idea of the bill and hopefully be met …show more content…
The legislation is meant to rid the country of prostitution and sex work, therefore it does not have a positive effect on any sex workers that mean to stay in the line of work. Prostitutes currently working in Sweden describe the lifestyle as “dangerous. It’s a hell- mostly dangerous. We don’t know anymore, what or how to do it.”, Rosinha Sambo, 2001. Since the implication of the prostitution policy, which is largely supported by the public, prostitutes and other sex workers have noticed that their line of work has become much more dangerous. Now in order to keep their business and keep their clients sex workers have to work with less than amicable people to help protect their clients from discovery. A prostitute now has to expose themselves to criminals and sadists to protect their customers. A lot of Swedish prostitutes now get killed because they can 't call the Police any more. Word goes around that they put a call to the cops and then they lose all their customers because the customers do not feel safe going to them. This leads to a lot of sex workers getting killed due to unsafe circumstances with clients or situations. In addition to making sex workers lives more dangerous, the Swedish prostitution policy has also led to a lot of underage prostitution in Sweden. The Russian Mafia now comes into Sweden with a lot of

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