Pros And Cons Of Oily Skin

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During scorching summers, as the temperature & humidity gets increased oil granules are produced making your skin oily. Summer skin care tips for oily skin helps in reducing the oil and brighten the complexion to give you a natural glow.
There are few pros and cons of having oily skin;
Having oily skin you can enjoy a longer period of younger looking skin
Wrinkle-free skin
No problem of early aging signs
Excessive Shine
Meltdown of Makeup
Breakout for acne and pimples
But instead, in these summers, enjoy having oil-free skin with the help of some simple tips and remedies that ensures you having a wrinkle free normal skin for a longer period of time during day.
1. As the sun emits harmful & strongly damaging UV rays during the time of 10AM to 3 PM, it is highly suggested to avoid outdoor work. Increase in oil secretion in your skin can be more harmful to your skin and expose your skin to come-in contact with UV rays.
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A gentle cleanser removes excessive oil, dead cells and blackheads from your skin giving a dry natural skin. Olay Total Effects Foaming cleanser is one of the best product to choose. But, testing the cleanser first is more recommended as not every skin is same in quality.
3. Wash Right! Washing oily skin is one of the toughest thing to handle as little washing can produce onslaught of spots while more washing can make your skin dry by removing natural oil. The best way to get perfect natural skin is to make use of ‘blotting papers’ that help in soaking excess oil from problem areas without removing

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