Pros And Cons Of Manifest Destiny

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The Success of Manifest Destiny In the 19th century there was the expansion of the United States throughout the American Continent. Expansion was inevitable for multiple reasons. During this time there was a growing population. Not only was there a growing population, but America was prosperous. As Manifest Destiny was occurring, in the west there was the California Gold Rush. Americans were becoming more prosperous as they expanded west. There were new opportunities out West, so families decided to migrate westward. Manifest Destiny is the 19th century expansion in the United States, it stretched from coast to coast. This revelation led up to the most important historical event in U.S. history. There were multiple outcomes from Manifest …show more content…
One unfortunate occurrence was the loss of property to the Americans. When Manifest Destiny began, Americans believed all that land was empty, and free to take over, however, they were mistaken. Many Native Americans lived in the west before anyone had claimed it. Natives believed it was their land and they deserved it. That is entirely true, they settled in the west long before the Americans. One of the big cons to Manifest Destiny was Americans used it to justify the corrupt things they were doing. For example, taking the land from the Natives. American’s believed that the expansion was God given. American’s also said God’s plan (Manifest Destiny) was to bring equalizing and an uplifting democracy to the whole continent. This made them believe that the land in the west was theirs, and God was saying they should take it as their own. They used God as a justified reason to take the Native’s land. Lastly, but most importantly, Manifest Destiny was a leading cause of the Civil War. As we know Manifest Destiny created a surge among Americans to expand out west. This raised the issue of expansion of slavery beyond the South.This increased the opposition of slavery in the North. As new land became settled, people started to push towards a union. The North and the South disputed on whether or not these states would be free states or slave states. These conflicts on slave states or not tore the nation apart, causing the Civil War. Unfortunately, the Civil War caused many casualties. This all happened thanks to Manifest

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