Family Work Case Study

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When a family has to consider the changes that will come along with having a family, they need to have an open discussion about the future. When a child is born, the life of a Mother and Father is drastically changed. Returning to work after having a child is something that every couple will be faced with. If the couple lives in poverty the mother may only have a short 6 week maternity leave. In this case, the mother will have to go back to work and find alternate care for the child. In a family that the parents have “family friendly” work environments they have more options. Three options will be presented, all of which have pro 's and con 's. Addressing Leonora 's main concern about re-entering her profession when Christa starts Kindergarten, …show more content…
The couple could evaluate if family members could watch the child for a cheaper rate, or even for free. This would take the financial burden off both of the new parents. Often money issues contribute to feelings of anger, frustration, resentment to the working spouse, etc. It is hard to communicate effectively if one or both partners are upset. New grandparent 's often love spending extra time with a newborn to bond with them, and to help the new parents. Josh would be able to work with a discounted rate, and this would allow Leonora to return to the job she …show more content…
Exhausted new parents with the weight of financial obligations leads to frustration, and common misuse of communication skills. The new parents need to work together to achieve a desirable outcome for Joshua, Leonora, and Christa. With their finances, it is one of the biggest issues to consider. Is financial freedom more important than the essential role of upbringing Christa? Perhaps having Christa primarily raised by her mother means more to Josh than having luxury items, or the assurance of two incomes. Neither choice is wrong, it is simply a question of what the family values in life. The best option in my mind would be to have Leonora remain with her employer, while sharing the household duties, as well as parenting duties equally with Joshua. That way, both parents responsibility for Christa and contributing to shared assets falls on both spouses. The compromise leaves everyone happier than before the conflict started. This would allow the couple to grow together as a team working towards the same goals. When there is less stress on a couple, they can work on their relationship, as well as the family

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