Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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CO2 – Good or Bad?
Global warming is a very controversial topic around the world. Although it is deemed by some as a hoax or is just not real at all, it is real, and it is the single most dangerous and important issue that should be on the minds of world leaders. Global warming has several factors that contribute to its cause, but the main cause of it is the burning of fossil fuels releasing large quantities of Carbon Dioxide into our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide helps trap in heat and in turn make the planet warmer (, 2016). CO2 is having considerable effects on the environment all over the world. Figure 1: Daintree Rainforest. (Remote Traveller, 2016)
For us though, in Australia we are lucky to have a beautiful environment that does not have considerable
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If bean seeds are grown in a C02 rich environment, they will grow well as they can adapt to the new environment.
The experiment involved placing 5 lots bean seeds in a C02 rich environment and 4 other lots of beans in a normal atmospheric environment. Over the course of two weeks it was observed that the two sets of beans maintained about the same progress. There is not a clear distinction between the two sets. All the beans started to germinate at about the same time. After 1 week both sets of beans started to grow leaves. The heights were also observed and it was shown that they were quite similar. Towards the end of the experiment, both sets of plants had bean sprouts with over 20 eaves on them and with most plants taller than 100mm.
In conclusion, both sets of plants could survive healthily in their environments. The beans in the C02 environment were able to adapt to the environment well and maintain a healthy

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