Pros And Cons Of Eisenhower

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President Eisenhower was clearly worried about the direction the world was heading. He warned us to avoid the impulse to live only for just today, plundering our resources of tomorrow. He didn’t want people to be stuck in the present, because the future of our children and grandchildren depends on it. He states that we can’t mortgage material assets for the future generations without asking for the loss of their political and spiritual heritage. Therefore, he wanted Americans to push for a democracy to survive. He wanted us to avoid becoming a community of hate and dread. He would rather see us being a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect. He warned us about keeping a healthy balance between the economy and keep up with all the responsibilities in the United States because that is our duty as a nation. Eisenhower also warned us about the influence of the military industrial complex. This was the most accurate warning of them all. The military industrial complex developed after World War II and the United States was sitting on top of a huge military establishment built from the previous wars. This lead Eisenhower to be cautious against the misplacement of power and influence of the military. He had been …show more content…
His military industrial complex warning had some great considerations because the military that serves this country now is more vast than ever. The United States national security spending has doubled since Eisenhower left the office and the defense budget appeared to be rising. At the time of the speech, it raised a few doubts and it seemed that most people was ready for him to get out of office. Little did they know, his speech was more accurate than they thought. We prematurely ignored Eisenhower’s warning by creating more wars instead of trying to settle our international altercations with other

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