Pros And Cons Of Disney Movies

Are Disney Movies Suitable for the Adolescent Mind?

I. Many people can say that the first movie they have ever seen was a Disney movie. There is something exciting and magical about them. Walt Disney has done a wonderful job at sparking the imagination of little boys, who dream of being a pirate and slaying dragons, and little girls, who dream of being a princess and finding true love. It’s in these movies, that a child can escape reality and go to a place in their imagination, to become the character that they are watching. Although many children have fallen in love with Disney movies, they are not suitable for the adolescent mind because they portray betrayal, violence, deceit, revenge, dark magic, and sexual references or adult innuendos.
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Betrayal and violence
1. Scar betrays his brother, Mufasa, by trying to kill his son, Simba.
a. His motives were fueled by his jealousy and the fact that his place in line to become king, was taken by Simba.
2. Scar kills Mufasa after a second, unsuccessful attempt of trying to kill Simba.
a. Mufasa saved Simba from a stampede that Scar started and was climbing a rock to get to safety, when he slipped and called for Scar to help him up, and ultimately, died from Scar’s treachery.
B. Deceit and revenge
1. Scar deceives Simba by telling him that it was his own fault that his father died.
a. By deceiving Simba and causing him to run away, Scar knew that he could become the king.
2. As Simba grows up and encounters his childhood friend, Njala, he finds out that Scar has deceived his family and has enslaved them.
a. This causes Simba to seek revenge and to take back his rightful place as king.
III. The second example given is, “Aladdin.”
A. Theft and dishonesty
1. Aladdin, who is the main character, is perceived as the good guy, but he is a thief.
a. He steals from the market without any remorse and runs from the guards to avoid imprisonment.
2. Aladdin is dishonest to Jasmine and her father, the sultan, by portraying himself as a rich prince and his dishonesty only grows throughout the
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Although Disney movies are loved and watched by many children, the negative effects outweigh the positive effects, by exposing innocent, adolescent minds to things they are not mentally ready to comprehend like violence, deceit, betrayal, revenge, sorcery, and sexual references. There are many other alternatives to watching these movies. A child can benefit more from a movie that teaches them morals and values, instead of a movie that teaches them to seek out their own desires, regardless of the consequences, like many of the Disney characters do. Instead, a child can indulge in a good book, play a board game, or spend time outside playing. Hopefully, parents will start paying closer attention to the story line of these movies and make better decisions regarding what they allow their child to be exposed to. After all, it is a parent’s job to protect their child, that includes what the child

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