Pros And Cons Of American Hegemony

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Register to read the introduction… All of the above shows America’s power and ability to organize and make structural reform in all levels of the economic life. America is the one among the states that has more skill to organize its economy and to be ranked as a hegemon. The US also shown its strength in the Mexican’s financial crisis of 1994-1995. It is obvious that its hegemony was inevitable in the 20th century. Moreover, America with its spreading markets in many regions in the world system such as: Mexico, Asia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, join to its foreign direct investment maximized its growing market which compensated when it is necessary for the weakness of its local capital market. During this period, America experienced a significant market growth which was due to the fall of price of energy in the mid-1980. It is a hegemon because of its economic ability and capacity to accept innovation, and its flexibility to move towards other areas of demand such as personal …show more content…
America had a powerful military capability in 1991, despite of the cost of the development nuclear technology. America and Russia were the two great powers to maintain a monopoly on nuclear technology. Russia lost its monopoly as well as its nuclear parity with the US after its decline. Furthermore, the US established the RMA in order to establish new rules to modernize and make their military service more powerful and valuable. Indeed with the decline of the Soviet Union, America widespread its capitalisms as well as its democracy in the world system, which also contributed to its upward . The introduction of satellite, cable, and the formation of large media gave people access to international channel. The most important channel such as CNN and BBC spread US program in English. This encouraged people to learn English in order to understand the broadcast and to follow the change operated in International Relations as well as in the world system; therefore, English became the International language completely declining the French language. Moreover, its large domestic market, relatively tolerant values, domestic diversity and geographic isolation all are helpful. But a hegemon it remains, and by that very it must make others uneasy (Understanding the Bush Doctrine,

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