Pros And Cons Of Alternative Punishment

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Register to read the introduction… The death penalty is taking one’s life for a horrendous crime that he or she committed. It is also the most expensive form of punishment. 35 of the 50 states permit the death penalty in the United States. People are either for or against the death penalty and they both have good reasons to back their choice.
Alternative punishment such as community service, home deflation, drug treatment, and psychological counseling are all used by judges today. In order to qualify for alternative punishment you must have presentence investigation done. There are certain qualifications you need to be able to qualify for alternative punishments. The judge has to know that you are not a threat to society.
I think we could modify the sentencing process to reduce recidivism rates by making prisons more like hell. We give murders, sex offenders, and rapist a cell that has a television, a bed, and things to read. They do not have to worry about where they are going to eat because they get three meals a day. They even can get a degree in prison on tax payer’s dollars. Our prison system is getting to be more like a hotel than a prison. Why would anyone care if they had to go back? It is a lot better than living on the streets. I think that if we made prisons more like the military has made their basic training we would not have so many repeat offenders. Another way to deter repeat offenders would be to go back to punishing criminals like they did back in the early days. People that were caught stealing had fingers or hands cut off. If we would use punishment like that today I believe that the crime rate would drop

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