Proposed Wasteful Procurement Practices At The Us Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Lean practices can be beneficial for all types of organizations. The primary objective of lean is to improve organizational efficiency by eliminating waste, which in turn will lead to increased profitability. Organizational efficiency is directly linked to profitability. Often times growing businesses can find their organizations facing challenges due to inefficiencies, causing their bottom line to take a hit. According to Lancaster 2011, some of the strategies that organizations could use to improve efficiency include Lean, Just-in-time (JIT) and Six Sigma. Implementing lean practices can help organizations improve operations and increase profitability. This paper will discuss implementing lean concepts to address wasteful procurement practices at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Current condition and Associated Problems
The acquisition Management Division for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) directs, coordinates, and performs acquisition functions related to contracts, interagency agreements, purchase orders, and grants, for the headquarters and four regional offices. Acquisition is a costly and complicated business which requires a system with uniformity among the applications, the ability to automate repetitive functions as well as reporting functionality.
Currently, the organization has a system that is not capable of fully supporting the agency’s acquisition activities nor does it integrate into the agency’s financial system. The…

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