Essay about Proposed Change Within A Fine Foods

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Change in any particular organization maybe initiated by a crisis, new demands brought about by the competitors, or a proposal by the senior management or any other individual within the organization. In addition, it is important to note that other factors such change in legislation regulating the industry may also necessitate change. The proposed change within Kudler Fine Foods aims at forming a solid marketing department through splitting the sales and purchasing department into two independent departments and also merging the promotions sub-department into one department to be known as the marketing department. This kind of change is very crucial for the organization is extremely critical as it involves alteration of the operations of the organization. Notably, the change could lead to loss of customers if not carried out carefully by informed players. Frequent monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process is needed to ensure that the merging and the splitting of the said departments meet the objectives of the firm. As such, monitoring this change process is essential to the success of the initiative. There are various methods and techniques the management can use to monitor the change process. Meetings are among the major and the most effective methods of monitoring change within an organization. Meetings serve as a method of getting information concerning the progress of the project and a means of reinforcing that employees can work as a team to make things…

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