Propaganda, Propaganda And Propaganda Essay

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Propaganda is a technique often used by politicians to reach the goal of power. Anytime a politician aims to influence and persuade the public of a point or ideology for the favor of his or her own campaign to make it seem more appealing or qualified, it is recognized as propaganda. Although propaganda today differs slightly from the propaganda tactic politicians used before the rise of technology due to the wild spread of social media and the development of mass communication. There is a continuity of political propaganda present. Both propaganda methods aim to influence and persuade the people to reach the goal of the politician. Propaganda from both times does this through broadcasting, posters, and speeches and by implanting fear within the public and spreading misleading information. The 1932 German election and the 2000 United States election are two historical events where political propaganda was highly present. Regardless of the large gap of time, a continuity of propaganda can be seen in the tactics and methods these two distinct parties used to reach the desired outcome of winning the election to fulfill the goal of power.
In the nineteenth century, most of Europe was under control by one of the most powerful leaders in history, Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s rise to power and domination was mimicked in the process of the 1932 election. When he used powerful propaganda tactics to create such a platform for himself and gain this title. In the early 1930s, Germany was…

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