Proof Of Ramayana

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4.1 FACTS TO PROVE REAL HAPPENINGS OF RAMAYANA The Ramayana is one of the prestigious possessions of Indian history and with Mahabharata, had a crucial role in shaping the nature and culture of Indian civilization. Ramayana was also a part of the oral tradition when it was recited as early as 1500 BCE, but was finally considered to be penned down in fourth century BCE. Many people of our modern generation have questioned the reality of Ramayana and considered it only a myth. However there are certain evidences which bear the testimony of Ramayana in India as well as in Sri Lanka. The first evidence of Ramayana is the Cobra Hood Cave in Sri Lanka. This is the place where it is said that Sita was kept captive here. There are prehistoric carvings in the caves which strengthens the fact of Sita’s presence. The second evidence is the existence of Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya. It is said that Hanuman waited at this place for Lord Rama when the latter was in exile. The third evidence is the footprints of Hanuman which are there in Asoka Vatika in Sri Lanka. It is believed that Lord Hanuman landed at this very place in Sri Lanka when he flew from Indian coast in order to find Sita. The landing was so intense that
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This story provides an outlook of an ideal individual in the form of Rama who has tremendous control over his emotions, passion and words, an ideal wife in the form of Sita, ideal brother in the form of Lakshmana, ideal devotee in the form of Hanuman and finally ideal evil and villain in the form of Ravana. This story more often gives us an insight of our lives where we try to find within ourselves Rama, the epitome of Perfection. The very mention of the word Rama inspires us and somewhat relieves us from our pains. Ramayana has enlightened the lives of many people living in this country including mine and I feel proud that my role model is Lord

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