Do You Ever Feel Dead?: A Narrative Fiction

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Do you ever feel dead? Like you 're not actually here? Everything is fake or a blur and every single day just goes by like clockwork. That 's how I 've been feeling for the past years. Everyone says it 's just because I 'm a teenager and everything feels this way but I don 't believe it. When I get bored with the real world I like to think outside the box. Pretend and make things up. Sometimes I Google conspiracy theories and look up weird articles. Most of the time they’re fake but there 's always that one article that will send shivers up your arm. When you find this one article that 's all you 're going to be thinking about day and night.
If you heard of the Mayan calendar you 'd know that the world was supposed to end in 2012.
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“How was your summer?" Time to put on my fake happy face. "Oh you know the usual sleeping, eating, watching TV. How about yours?" “Jake broke up with me again and I just don 't know maybe I don 't need him in my life. I just need to find a new boy who will love me for who I am and not expect too much". I want to say maybe if you weren 't such a hoe you would but, I can 't." Yes boys these days are such assholes". They 're actually not Christina’s just a horrible girlfriend. “Okay v, I got to head to class see you later, we need to hang out soon!" I would rather blow my brains out the truth be told, but as usual I don 't say …show more content…
I met this guy online though and he 's actually pretty sweet and fun to talk to" Ah yes did i forget to mention I me this guy and we have been talking for about a month. Pretty nice guy to be honest. "ooo tell me more!" “well he 's really sweet but more of a friend" " okay quick question do you want to help me dye my hair?" "V! What color when you thought of this even?" “I don 't know I was sitting in math and all of a sudden I had the sudden urge to just dye my hair. I think I 'm going to go with a nice baby pink. Nothing too extreme you know but I think a subtle pink would look pretty good" “I would absolutely love to dye your hair!" “I mean I don 't always get to destroy people 's hair" “alright thanks man I 'll meet you outside"

" Okay we should probably buy some bleach and pink dye."" what gave you that idea genius" " god Vivian back again with the sass"" I can 't help it if you give me amazing opportunities" " my bad" " can we go grab some lunch I 'm starving"" you don 't want to dye your hair first?"" no I want to get food and then I want to dye my hair and then I want

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