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Project Plan, Titan Apparel(please change this name)
University of Phoenix
Project Planning and Implementation
CMGT 410
January 11, 2005

Background and Statement of Need
The name of this company is Titans Apparel. It is a large clothing manufacturing store with four major branches in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Miami. The amount of the business that they are accumulating is growing fast, and the current network that they use is not enough to keep up with consumer demand. This is costing the company major amounts of money, which, in turn, is making the company slowly fail in its mission. The network is becoming slower due to the demands brought on by the lack of networking update. If this networking update is
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Project Organization Titans Apparel CEO, Scott Fonger, will be the main representation of the stakeholders for this project. If there are any changes that need to occur during the project, these changes will be brought in front of the board by the CEO. Once the company's board votes, Scott Fonger will bring the results to Jason Oyster, the project manager. The in-house project management team will handle the coordination and management of this project. As the Project Manager, Jason Oyster is in a position that can only be influenced by the stock holders themselves. Jeff Gottschalk and Robert Hosek are the two Project Coordinators whose job it is to keep the project moving smoothly.
Since this project will involve upgrading major components of the computer network, the Chief Information Officer, Merial Richter, will have a considerable vote in the way the project is handled. She will be responsible for maintaining communication throughout her department. Each Network Administrator at each of the geographic locations will have the responsibility of the majority of information gathering and implementation of the new computer network upgrades.
Task/Responsibility Matrix

Nick Amanda Sam Jim Merial Jeff

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