Project Plan Essay

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Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception
CIS 590 Directed Research Project
Our company Wireless Software Inc. is an innovative Internet-based company with gross revenues of more than $35 million dollars per year. Our company will be merging with a multinational company Skyguard Software Inc. of equal size, as a result of merging it produced Navitech Software Inc and we will be responsible for developing a project plan to strategically integrate all systems, including databases and infrastructure. Navitech Software Inc. global enterprise operations would provide best software products that will benefit to both companies. This report presents recommendations that allow Navitech Software Inc. to remain successful
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This report presents recommendations that allow company to remain successful for years to come.
Speculation on outsourcing and off shoring opportunities
Speculation on outsourcing is delegating or shifting a part or all of the company’s daily operation or business process to an external business provider. Our company decides to outsource services with the expectation of enjoying lower rates, better quality and that sense of acquiring a strategic edge over the competition [Topolewski, Tanya M., 1969]. Outsourcing is performing services for our company by people that are not full time employees of the company. For these very reasons, choosing the right outsourcing provider is very important. Benefit of outsourcing includes: cut down overhead costs, more efficient productivity and profitability, better quality of service at cheaper rates, maximize uptime, faster development and startup, to stay ahead of the competition, concentrate on the company’s core competencies, increase reliability and security.
Off shoring Off shoring refers to the multi-national corporate tendency to send application software development jobs to low-wage countries as a way to reduce the bottom line. This is similar to “outsourcing” which refers generically to government contracting of work that is sent overseas. One of the major trends that present a practical solution is outsourcing services to cut down on overhead costs. If a company outsources jobs to

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