Essay on Project Plan for Whitbread Sailboat Race

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Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race
Joel Johnson
University of Phoenix Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race
The Whitbread World Sailboat Race, now called the Volvo Ocean Race requires teams to work together to sail around the world taking on many known and unknown challenges. The race itself is only one part of the challenge. The ability for the race team leaders to deliver a professionally designed boat and well trained crew on time and on budget is the first project that needs successful completion.
Bjorn Ericksen has been selected to manage the boat design and crew training process for the company sponsor. He has a hard deadline to deliver the
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Construction started in October and has been completed on schedule, with the boat due to depart on 8th May” (Volvo Ocean Race, 2008).
This begins with her need to deliver the design to the boat builder in six weeks. This portion of the project has not been compressed as it would cost $120,000 over the baseline cost to gain two weeks. The plan must get off to a good start and to invest a large sum of money this early in the project brings with it the risk of failing to gain the two weeks and losing the funds permanently. The team has also chosen to stay with the longer period for hull construction. The price tag to compress this portion was an unacceptable $400,000. Karin has been allowed to follow her original time estimates and avoid any risky situations with increased cash investments. Her first two deliverables are also worth spending the extra time on for quality purposes. A well designed and constructed high-performance hull is paramount to the team’s success. On option would be to use a prove Chinese build team for the construction, similar to the one used by the GreenTeam:
The mainly Australian-led team at McConaghy’s has been working alongside American designers Reichel/Pugh and a 90-strong Chinese build team. 40,000 man hours have gone into the build. Green Team CEO Jamie Boag said: “It is fantastic to see the boat completed. As we were late in

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