Essay about Project Phase 3 : Strengths And Weaknesses

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Capstone Project Phase 3 & 4
Norma Valdez-Rosa
South University Online
June 6, 2016

PHASE 3: STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Obesity is a serious and common health problem for Mexican Americans, for both adult and children, living in Hidalgo County, Texas. Childhood obesity can lead to other health complications such as heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, orthopedic problems and diabetes, to name a few. “Type 2 diabetes, formerly known as adult-onset diabetes, was commonly diagnosed after age 40. Type 2 diabetes due to overweight is now, however, the fastest growing childhood disease in the United States and is often diagnosed at puberty (Tyler, 2004)." Applying the MAP-IT model in the assessment process is as follows: M=Health Center in the community where Jose and Jennifer live. A=Childhood obesity. Health Center for checkups. P=Develop education classes for the community on nutrition, diet, exercise and disease process. I=Classes will be held at the Health Center every Saturday at 9am and 2pm to allow attendance for all families. T=Follow up visits by phone or face to face every six months to assess the outcome of the classes and if there is a need to change topics. There are many weaknesses and strengths that are seen in the community of Hidalgo, County such as: Weaknesses=Rural/remote areas with lack of healthcare providers/facilities, living below poverty level, lack of insurance, lack of education, communication…

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