Essay on Project Management Scheme Of A Project

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There a various activities which are involved in a project, these are embedded in the definition of a project. A project is therefore a group of temporary activities which are non-repetitive which involve the creation of a unique outcome. Projects are carried out within a defined time frame as stipulated in the planning stage of the project, it could range from several weeks to several years depending on the scope and size of the project. The processes of a project will usually be carried out by a single individual or a team of individual which could number into thousands with their defined roles. The process or stages of project are carefully itemized in the project management scheme, they include Defining of desired goal, planning, executing and Closure of the project. These stages may be considered to be generic as activities the individual stages are generally not the same.
The constructing the Lego Bridge carried out by our team of six is considered a project because of the feature which are included in the definition of a typical project. These key feature include the use of individual which is reflected by team members, it is carry out within a time limit, they are unique and non-repetitive and it involves costing and procurement. Process were carried out which includes consultation and briefing from the client where the project was defined after which task and duties were allocated to different group members. To further understand the project ideas were generated…

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