Project Description: Beditor (Better Editor)

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Project Description Beditor (Better Editor)* is an iPhone app that will take the complexity out of the process of editing and sharing the photos from the user’s phone. iPhones are known for being able to take DSLR quality photos. Thousands of photos are taken, edited, and shared on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook everyday. Rarely are photos taken and immediately uploaded, users want to edit their photos to make them look even better, but today most photo editing apps are complicated to use, even for the advanced iPhone user. The app store is filled with photo editing apps that are too difficult to use, or almost half of the useful features of the app are restricted behind hidden microtransactions. Beditor will …show more content…
In 2012 it was reported that there are 44 million iPhone users in the United States alone. Everyday a photo is edited and shared online through an iPhone. The average user should be able to use Beditor with ease. Beditor will focus on simplicity and quick but quality editing for the user, all without hidden charges that users deal with in other “free apps”. Even if it’s for heavy editing or simple touch ups on photos they take on their …show more content…
A MySQL database will be used for image storing, and user credentials, and individual user information. The photo editing and the customization of the editor’s user interface will be done with the use of the Aviary SDK. The companion website will be created with the use HTML5, CSS3, and Boostrap CSS.

Phase 1 (2 Week Plan) The initial first week will be the construction of the app’s backend and user authentication. When I have my database setup and can have the logged in user see only their information I will transition to the implementation of the SDK. That’s where the main functionality of the app will be implemented. Once editing is able to be done on a photo, the customization of the app’s interface will be focused on to provide the best and easiest experience when using the app.

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