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The cause and extent of the identified health issue
Depression can affect 1-5 Australians which means that it can dramatically effect productivity in the workplace. Depression can affect a person in many ways and can affect the whole workplace.
Depression can affect people when they are unhappy with their job, bullying from other staff, made to feel like they are not contributing to the workplace job insecurity or it could be stresses from home.
“People with depression usually experience symptoms for more than two weeks across at least three of the following categories: * behaviour – such as not going out anymore, not getting things done at work, withdrawing from close family and friends, relying on alcohol and sedatives, avoiding
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Groups such as Beyond Blue in Victoria and The Black Dog Institute in Sydney are leaders in depression and can help with setting up work place EAPs and helping to remove the stigma of depression.
Having notices up on walls about signs of depression and the changes that affect people would be great along with pamphlets with contact no.
Personnel needed to develop the program
You could have just one person or the whole company involved in the overseeing of this program. It’s as easy as looking out for your workmates, knowing the signs of depression and asking are you ok. If unsure talk to people about it whether in the workplace or by ringing someone to say I have a problem.

Administrative structure and support needed to evaluate & monitor implementation & progress of the program
. The five basic steps are: Look | Pay attention to your staff, notice any changes to their usual behaviour or relationships.Reviewing leave use, Sick leave, Holiday pay, productivity in the area. | Listen | Listen to what staff are saying: are there more complaints or excuses than unusual?Is it just one worker or several workers, has there been any changes to work | Think | What have you observed? Does that relate to the factors that typically lead to

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