Essay about Profile Of A Discourse Community Member

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Profile of a Discourse Community Member
Sleepy Eye is a small, rural town of about 3,599 people that rests in the south central portion of Minnesota. There are many discourse communities throughout this area, one of which being the Sleepy Eye High School Boys Golf Team. In the spring of 2016, the golf team was able to win, not only the Tomahawk Conference Championship, but the Section 2A Championship and advance to the state meet where they placed fourth as a team. It is safe to say that the team had a very successful year, however they were not always poised to be this great.
The year prior to this breakout year, Sleepy Eye Public High School had their own golf team and rival private school Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s had their own team. Both schools had a couple of really solid golfers, St. Mary’s having Ryan Heinrichs and Andrew Neid and Sleepy Eye Public having Caleb Christensen, who was interviewed, and Ben Laffen, but neither team was ever able to experience any level of success at the state tournament. That was, until the two schools decided to merge their teams together in the spring of 2016 due to St. Mary’s not having enough golfers to yield a full varsity team. The combination of the two teams then put senior Heinrichs, junior Christensen, sophomore Laffen, and freshman Neid all on the same team. When asked if there were any difficulties with the combining of the two rival schools for the one sport, Caleb Christensen replied, “It wasn’t hard at all because we’ve played…

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