Professor Henry Higgins: Introversion, Intuition, And Complishments

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Professor Henry Higgins is a professor of phonetics who deeply cares studying about the scientific and logic aspects of things, has no feelings for others or himself other than when and has no manners. He does not at all care about other feelings, has no manners and will say whatever he wants to no matter what. Under Myer Briggs, he is an ENTJ as he posses the trait of extroversion, intuition, thinking and judging. An extroverted person is outgoing, talkative, can easily talk with strangers, and love interacting with many people. An intuitive person is creative, inventive, lives for the future, like to change and likes looking for new ways of doing something. A thinking person makes a logical and factual decision and doesn’t have feelings involved in making decisions. A judging person requires a routine to follow by, they are ver well with deadlines, and their lives are organized and structured.
An extrovert is one
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In the beginning of act ii, Eliza Doolittle has come to Higgins to learn to speak English in a genteel way. After Pickering bets Higgins that he cannot turn Eliza into a duchess, Higgins takes the challenge and says, in six months, he will turn her into a duchess and in three months if she has “good ear and a quick tongue.” This is a very challenging task as changing the behavior, way and how someone speaks at her age of anywhere from 18 to 20 years old is hard to achieve it in six months, but since he is intuitive, he took the possibility to have her changed in that time. He thought of first having the old, filthy clothes she always wore burned and have her wear a dress that would make her look more like a well-dressed person to give her a duchess appearance which shows creativity since it’s hard to think anyone else would. As well, he wants to better humanity which seems more like a belief or an extremely tall task of achieving but since he is intuitive he sees the possibility of making it a

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