Professional Sports And Domestic Violence Essay

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Professional sports leagues and Domestic violence.
Domestic Violence: Are Professional Athletes Getting Off Too Easy? Have you ever heard of Ray Rice? Ray Rice is a former Baltimore Ravens player who committed domestic violence crime. Ray Rice was charged with domestic violence and got drop by the team and became a free agent. Domestic violence is defined as violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Even though some people believe professional sport leagues already has stricter punishment on domestic violence crimes, professional sport should have punishment for athletes who commit domestic violence crimes, because it can cause them to lose their position on the team. It’s a repeating cycle and unfair advantage over society.
Professional sports leagues need stricter punishment for pro players who commit domestic violent act because they can lose their position. Josh Mcnary member of the Indianapolis Colts was accused of rape, battery of a woman who said he attacked her after a night of drinking. Josh Mcnary was acquitted by the jury and all chargers was…

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