Professional Liability Insurance : A Safety Net For Medical Workers

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Professional Liability Insurance: A Safety Net for Medical Workers
Rebekah Brown
University of North Alabama
Professional Liability Insurance: A Safety Net for Medical Workers
When giving professional services to the public, it can come with many risks and rewards. The medical field allows one to care for the needs of an injured or sick individual. As a nurse or doctor, it can be rewarding to help an individual overcome pain, illness, or disease. It can be rewarding to see the happiness and relief of the patient’s family. However, there is risk involved in caring for a sick or injured person. Patient treatment and service can go wrong or the individual may feel that he was not adequately cared for at the time. In these instances, it is beneficial for medical care workers to have professional liability insurance (PLI). The definition of professional liability is “the obligation that a professional practitioner has to provide care or service that meets the standard of practice for his/her profession–ie, responsibility; when a professional fails to provide the standard of practice, liability refers to the obligation to pay for damages incurred by negligent acts” (professional liability, 2002). Liability insurance would help cover the fees and costs incurred by a patient lawsuit claiming malpractice, or the claim that the standards of practice were not met in that individual’s case.
Professional liability insurance (PLI) is a safety net for medical care workers. It…

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