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The issues discussed by Thomas Nagel in "Ruthlessness in Public Life" are that continuities and discontinuities exist between the public and private morality. Public officials need to recognize that there are clear limitations on actions which conflict with morality concerns. Nagel explored how public and private sectors need to adhere to certain ordinary moral standards. To rectify these issues of construed morality, Nagel explores a few options. Nagel states that "If one of them takes

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Throughout the paper Nagel refers to an "institution" he described the word institution as "public crimes are committed by individuals who play roles in political, military, and economic institutions". The assumption is upon the reader to realize that Nagel is referring to any institute which affects public roles. It is easy to point a finger towards political, economic and military institutions, but there are a lot of other institutions outside of this scope. Nagel refers to an individual in the "Ruthlessness in Public Life" as a person which plays a role within an institution. Under this definition is it correct that the reader can assume that the mail carrier, secretary or janitors are capable of causing public immorality. Nagel should polish this term for the reader a little more by specifying that individuals refers to a person of certain assigned authority, or a decision maker.

Criticisms of lawyers are the topic in Richard A. Wasserstrom's article "Layers as Professionals: Some Moral Issues." Wasserstrom broke this topic into two main areas of discussion. The first suggests that lawyers operate with essentially no regard for any negative impact of their efforts on the world at large. Analysis of the relationship that exists between the lawyer and their client was the second topic of discussion. "Here the charge is that it is the lawyer-client relationship which is morally objectionable because it is a relationship which the lawyer
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