Product Process For Positioning: Case Study

This type of positioning based on use of product reflects a second or third position for the brand. It can include specific type of positioning for expanding the brand in the market. The new use of product to be introduced in the market can expand the market for the brand (Morgan, 2012).

Product Process for Positioning
This approach for positioning is associated with the consumers or segments of consumers. The development of fashion image can influence the image of product through the reflection of features communicated as a user of product. Such type of repositioning can result in a significant market share (Blankson & Crawford, 2012).

3.4. International Business Problem 1
It is noted in the case study provided that the Zotter has gained
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The reason behind selecting this research design is the reliance of study on secondary data sources. The results of exploratory research design can highlight certain answers to the questions initiating with ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘when’. In other words, the use of this research design for the considered study can enable the researcher to determine the issues within the integrated case study through its analysis (Kumar, 2010).

3.9. Secondary Data Collection Sources
The available or existing information on different sorts of media such as books or internet being gathered by other researchers is known as secondary data. For this purpose, the already published sources are used within the considered study and they include journal articles, newspaper articles, books, and published periodicals. The purpose of gathering secondary data is to analyse results of researchers available to overcome the limitations highlighted within the selected studies or papers. Therefore, different books, case studies, and research articles are used for the study under consideration through online databases and libraries such as EBSCOHost, Jstor, Emerald, and Google Scholar (Bhattacharyya,
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Such type of ethical issue is known as the issue or concern for plagiarism. It is known that the researcher is required to consider the concerns for plagiarism while using previous available and published information. For this reason, the researcher should provide the information regarding the analysis of integrated case study in his own words. This issue of plagiarism is also considered as an academic misconduct for which academic institutions are known for taking serious measures. Therefore, the researcher should also provide accurate citation for using the concepts from other secondary sources (Goddard & Melville,

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