Sexual Abuse Case Study: Holly Hunt And Savannah Wilson

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This case study involves a third grade student who was suspected of being sexual abused in her home. The student confided the information to a friend. The friend told the teacher about the abuse and the teacher informed the school counselor. After a verbal counseling session and play therapy, the student showed signs of sexual abuse. The State of Maryland requires an official report of sexual abuse to be reported in forty-eight hours to Child Protective Services, the school principal made an official report of the abuse to CPS. Keywords: sexual abuse, CPS, ethics

METHOD Using the case study provided, an analytical analysis was prepared using ethical and/or legal questions provided at the end of the case study.

RESULT In this case study, Holly Hunt and Savannah Wilson are third grade students at Vanderbilt Elementary School. Holly believes her friend Savannah is a victim of sexual abuse
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(MD Code, Criminal Law, § 3-602). Any person which includes, a household or family member who has permanent and/or temporary care, custody or responsibility for the supervision of a minor may not cause sexual abuse to a minor. (MD Code, Criminal Law, § 3-602). Any person who violates the State of Maryland 's statute will be guilty of a felony and upon conviction will be subjected to an imprisonment not exceeding twenty-five years. (MD Code, Criminal Law, § 3-602). Prince George 's County Public Schools (PGCPS) mandate the direct reporting to CPS of suspected child sexual abuse by every professional employee to include, teachers, social workers, psychologists, counselors, psychologists, law enforcement officers, independent contractors and volunteers. (Prince George 's County Public Schools,

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