Grandma's Boy Case Study Essay

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Case Study on Grandma’s Boy
Who is involved: Miss Jamison (teacher), Justin Richardson II (student), Mrs. Richardson (grandma), and Mr. Richardson (dad)
I. What are the issues in this case? (Ordered in importance)
1. The Grandma mentions signs of abuse such as “I whipped his ass good last time”
2. Justin goes out of his way to be defiant of the behavior plan and when confronted he lashes out, disrupts the class, and acts violently by slamming the bathroom door.
3. Justin does not interact with other students, participle in class, or try on schoolwork. He is also behind the rest of the class when he does try.
4. There is conflict at home and inside Justin due to the recent divorce and lost of his mom. The grandma verbally expresses her hate for the
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It is necessary to know what Justin responds to, whether it is punishment or rewards, so it can be implemented in his plan.
3. Miss Jamison needs to know where Justin is academically so she has a place to begin collecting data
V. Consequences
1. Reporting: good- CPS could either stop the abuse at home or find that no abuse is occurring
2. Building a Relationship: Good- Miss Jamison could help Justin work through the divorce by being there for him and talking with him. She could also find if he needs addition help. A good relationship could result in better behavior and make the behavioral plan easier to design and implement. Bad- Justin could resent Miss Jamison’s attempts to build a relationship and act more defiant.
3. Improved Behavior Plan: Good- Justin will start completing more and better work. His attitude and interactions will also improve. Bad- Justin’s behavior and defiance will worsen due to more restrictions.
4. Collect Data: Good- A case could be made for Justin to receive services and at the very least, track his progress.
5. Stricter Meeting Policies: Good- Mr. Richardson may start to take initiative. Bad- Mrs. Richardson becomes harsher from being excluded or pushes her agenda through her

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