Essay about Producing Successful Tomato Crops With High Yields

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Producing successful tomato crops with high yields can be a challenge if you have never had any experience in the horticultural industry, generally a tomato plant you grow in your vegetable garden will be different from growing a tomato plant in a green house so it is important to realise the differences and to provide the correct nutrients for your crops. Not only is it important for your tomato plants to be provided with the correct nutrients and the correct amount of nutrients, but it is also important to understand how and what to grow your tomatoes in. Tomato plants grow better under certain conditions and in certain types of soils that provide the plant with the nutrients it requires, so it is important to understand what these are to get the highest yield out of your crop.

To/Dear Johnny Bravo’s Croppping Consultants Ltd.,

I am writing to you today for advice on how to produce a successful tomato crop, and what steps are needed to do so. I am new to the horticultural industry so will require every piece of information you have for me to be successful in this industry. I would like to be growing tomatoes all year round, knowing that one crop cycle can last up to 10 months. I am based in the Central North Island, which I know is one of the areas that produces the most amount of tomato crops in New Zealand. I have greenhouses with an area of 80 m2, which can fit approximately 160 tomato plants in them. I have purchased a property that already has a flood and…

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