Procrastination And Its Effects On College Students Essay

771 Words Oct 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Time management is something that most people struggle with, to varying degrees. This problem runs rampant particularly among college students in the form of procrastination. Procrastination is the art of putting something off until the very last possible time that one still has the ability to achieve it. Procrastination often has very negative effects and can cause underachievement, stress, and lack of sleep. However, some people would argue that they work best under the pressure of a deadline, so procrastination may be capable of helping to produce good results in these cases.
Some people work best under pressure, so they may be able to work best and be most efficient with a deadline near. They might find working with no pressure to be difficult and lead to wasted time because of the lack of motivation. Stress isn’t always negative, so the stress of a deadline is exactly what some people need to prompt their best work. Not only may an approaching deadline inspire their best work, but may also save time because they work at a faster pace with the knowledge that they don’t have a minute to spare.
More often than not, quality takes time. If something, such as homework, is not done until the last minute then it most likely will not be the best it could be. This is primarily because if someone waits to complete their homework until the night before, they will most likely be in a hurry to turn it in on time. Rushing can lead to small mistakes that wouldn’t have been made…

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