Procrastination Affects A Person 's Life Negatively Essay

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The student has two weeks to complete his essay, and he is aware that the essay accounts for 40% of his total grade. Each time he sits down at the computer, something distracts him from the task. There is always something more important to do. He continues to procrastinate until there are only three days left to complete the paper. He works furiously all weekend, and on Monday hands in the finished product. On Friday, he receives the graded paper back; his grade was a D. Putting his paper off until the last minute did not allow him the time to turn in a well-written essay. Procrastination affects a person 's life negatively, but discovering why one procrastinates and finding ways to prevent it is the first step to overcoming it.

Procrastination has a negative effect on one 's life; those around them can feel the effect as well. Putting things off until the last minute causes people to rush to complete assignments; therefore, the work is often incomplete. Feeling rushed, a person may take shortcuts and miss important steps resulting in sloppy work. Often the procrastinator misses deadlines at work, and their credibility diminishes. The person who procrastinates is many times labeled as unreliable. If a person does not act quickly, opportunities that may never come again will fade into the distance. Procrastination causes stress and poor health, Sirois (2007, para. 32) states "procrastination is linked to poor health in adults, and that this association is best explained by…

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