Process Essay: How To Change Motor Oil

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How to change motor oil
Changing motor oil is the basic, but essential, operation carried out during each maintenance of a car. At the dealer, in a small garage, or even in the car center, this operation is billed at variable prices, sometimes quite high compared to the simplicity of the operation. It is actually very easy to change your motor oil for a modest cost.
Preparation is important, especially if it is your first time. To successfully change your oil, you do not need a lot of things. You need a sufficient amount of motor oil, a cloth, a new oil filter, wide clamps, a funnel and a container large enough to temporarily accommodate your used oil. It is also recommended to have the necessary tools to unscrew nuts.
First, we need to warm up the motor. It allows the motor oil to be more fluid. Thus, it will flow more easily and quickly from the engine. Then, for more comfort, the car must be elevated by means of a jack. Make sure to secure the position of the car.
Locate the cap position, it is often underneath the engine, sometimes on the side of the crankcase. Before you start loosening the cap, do not forget to unscrew the oil filler cap on top of the engine. If you do not, a phenomenon of depression can happen and a longer emptying.
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Then, slowly loosen the cap with a square key or diameter key, if it is a conventional hexagonal cap. let all the oil flow. While waiting on the oil to completely drain, you can take advantage of this to replace the oil filter. Take out the old filter, then position the new filter. do not forget to lubricate the integrated base gasket with a little used oil. This makes it possible to screw it back effortlessly, and especially to facilitate the unscrewing at the next

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