Process Analysis ' Black Sheep ' Essay

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Process Analysis Adams 4 Black sheep I am the only dark-skinned person in my family. My mother is white, my stepfather was white, and my brother and sister are white. I inherited the same 'white traits ' as my family. I ‘dressed like a white person’, ‘spoke like a white person,’ ‘listened to white music,’ and ‘ate white food.’ Even though I acted like my family (which is completely normal for children to behave similarly to their families), I was subject to curious stares from strangers, who questioned why a black child was with a white family. Whenever I would invite friends over for the first time, they would asked if I was adopted because I lived with a white family. I had to explain to them that my brother and sister were my half-siblings. As more of my friends learned about my family, being the naive kids they were, they started making jokes about how I was an 'Oreo ' because I ‘acted like a white person’ but ‘looked like a black person.’ These jokes did not affect me at first (I even joined in the fun) but hearing the jokes so frequently made me more aware of how I was different. I felt worn, like an eroded cliff. I noticed that I had unknowingly separated myself from other black children, because I had become so accustomed to white people. One day, my white aunt from Oklahoma came to San Diego with her brand new black husband named Samuel. Even though he wasn’t biologically related to me, he was the only black family member I had ever…

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