Essay on Procedures For Wright Aircraft Corp

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Part Two – Procedures for Wright Aircraft Corp.
Procedures are the concrete steps that employees take to ensure security in the enterprise.
To address some of the specific procedures that WAC would take in managing Cyber Security mentioned in Assignment 2, they are as follows:
1. Adhere to CMMI – Capability Maturity Model Integration which is an improvement training program required by DoD and US Government contracts. CMMI defines the processes, standards and procedures.
2. How to implement Firewall Standards to protection of Intellectual Protection.
3. Steps and resources used to perform background checks and procure appropriate security clearances based on job code.
4. Steps to implement and utilize specific antivirus software to protect from outside threats
5. Steps to take in providing physical protection to buildings, systems and network infrastructure, as well as employees at risk.
The process will be evaluated against the 5 levels of Software Process Maturity as defined by the Software Engineering Institute.

The major aspects levels 2-4 will be assessed. (There are no processes in level 1 and level 5 is beyond the scope of this proposal). The following breakdown lists questions that will be addressed at each level.(B)

SEI Maturity Model Level II
Life Cycle Assessment
• What are the current life cycle phases (Planning, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Test, Verification, etc) of most of the software projects at WRIGHT AIRCRAFT CORPORATION?

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